Tuesday, January 12, 2010

and Aubrey was her name...

Well little girl, even though you have lots of "cooking" left to do, we're all ready with a name for you.

"Aubrey June"

My Daddy wanted to name me Aubrey when I was born. I've always thought it was a beautiful name. Unique, not too trendy, and it always conjures images in my head of a whimsical, thoughtful little girl. :) It comes from a song by the group "Bread" that my Dad loved, as do myself and YOUR Dad. It's a thoughtful, sweet song accompanied by ethereal music and I think it suits you well. I am so glad that your Daddy loves it as much as I do- I think that's a great sign that it's perfect for you.

Your middle name, June, is working for us two-fold. ;) Obviously, we're expecting you to be born in June (as June 15th is my due date), but June is also the name of Jerry's sweet Granny, who he is very close with. She'll be your great-grandmother, but she'll still be your Granny June. Jerry has always been "her baby" and she loves him so so much. I can't even begin to tell you how excited she is about your arrival! She just knows (like the rest of us) that you'll be just a sweet and precious as her little Jerry baby was.

So get ready little Aubrey! We're getting ready for you!!


  1. OK I am going to have to be Aubrey's fairy god mother.... I love Bread, too! [insert big, hopeful, cheesy grin right here]

  2. Haha! Absolutely! :) I couldn't think of a cooler fairy godmother!