Friday, December 3, 2010

6 months old!

I can hardly believe my little angel baby is 6 months old today. My how time has flown! I know, I know... that's what everyone says, and believe me, plenty of people have made an effort to tell me again and again. But still... it's shocking.

I can't believe how much she's grown! She was 8lb 3.9oz when she was born, and 21 inches long. Now she's 19lb and 25 inches long!!

Here are some little milestones Aubrey has reached at her 6 month mark:

  • She can pull herself up to sitting.
  • Can sit unsupported for short periods of time, and very well when supported.
  • Can hold her own spoon when eating. 
  • Holds her own bottle.
  • Is eating cereals, (rice, oatmeal, wheat, and oatmeal with banana) and will be starting veggies next week!
  • Uses a sippy cup for drinking water. (Had to implement this one a little early because she kept trying to take my water bottles!! LOL!)
  • Is trying and trying to talk!
  • Loves to "pet" Daddy's beard.
  • Loves to bounce in her bouncer (her little legs are getting so strong!)
  • Loves "Finding Nemo"... I think it's all the pretty colors!
  • Plays peek-a-boo by covering her face with her blanket then yanking it down when I ask "Where's the baby?"
  • Attempting to mimick sign for "milk" when asked if she wants a bottle.
  • Recognizes and responds to signs for "milk," "diaper," "mommy," "daddy," and "more"
  • Trying to crawl by sticking her butt up in the air and leaning forward on her boppy
  • Loves "reading" books with Daddy
  • Can pick up toys and switch back and forth between them
  • Is starting to master her "pincher" hold using the little toys attached to bars (like on her swing and bouncer... you know what I mean? I have no idea what that's called, lol!)
  • Hates wearing shoes and/or socks
  • Is starting to play with Tina (our Jack Russell), and wants to pet her when she comes near.

I'm sure there's some I'm forgetting, but this girl changes every day and amazes us constantly! I'm pretty sure she'll be reading by her 1st birthday. (kidding...) ;)

Also, her hair is finally growing back in, and it's shiny and blonde! What a change from the dark haired little baby we brought home from the hospital! LOL She's so strong too... also a change from the fragile little monkey we started out with.

J and I just love watching her grow and learn about all the things around her. There's just something so magical about watching the discovery and amazement in her eyes when she sees something she's never seen before, or figures something out for herself. She's such a happy baby, always smiling and laughing at silly momma and daddy.

I must say it's been the shortest 6 months of my life, and being a Mommy is both the toughest and most rewarding experience I've ever had. Even after 6 months, it's hard to believe I'm actually a Mom now. I don't "feel" any different, except that I'm constantly thinking about Aubrey and what she's doing or what she may need at any given moment. 

Aubrey is such a joy, and we are both so happy to be blessed with such an amazing little girl. We can't wait to see what she has in store for us in the next 6 months!


  1. WOW!! She looks just like her Mommy. Beautiful little dumpling, she is perfect in every way. It goes by so quickly. My baby is 25 now... and it seems like it was just yesterday.

  2. Aww thank you Lillie!! I just love her so much!!! I can hardly imagine her being 25, but for as fast as she's growing I feel like if I look away for too long I'll turn around and she will be!! haha!