Friday, April 9, 2010

3D/4D Ultrasound pics...

So these days they have this really cool ability to take 3D/4D pictures and videos of babies in utero. When my mom was pregnant, they could barely see what was happening in the regular ultrasound photos, but they certainly didn't have this kind of technology.

So J and I went to see a maternal fetal specialist this week to address the gestational diabetes issue. She took lots and lots of pictures, but was nice enough to do the 3D ones as well. Needless to say, both of us were in tears seeing your sweet little face. We even got to see you smile!!

You make the same "sleepy face" as your Daddy... poking out that top lip. My Mom & Dad both commented on how much your nose looks like mine. :) I love that we can see ourselves in you already!

I just can't wait to meet you in person in only a few more weeks!!

And here's your sweet little smile... my little angel. :)

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