Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Potbelly Fred

Potbelly Fred is a raccoon. Well, a stuffed one of course! He was Jerry's favorite when he was growing up, and he slept with him every night. Last weekend, we found him in a box and I decided to revive him!

He needed a little mending and a good cleaning, so I put him back together and gave him a good cleaning with the always miraculous OXY cleaner. He was looking better already, so I tossed him into the wash with the baby soap and then the dryer to fluff him up. I brushed out all of his fur, so he would be nice and fluffy again and soft enough to cuddle!

Needless to say, Jerry was pretty happy to see his old friend "good as new" again. Of course the real reason he was so happy was because he wanted to share his old buddy with Aubrey. Even though she's still a little young to know what's up, we set Fred up in her room to watch over her until she's ready to let him cuddle HER to sleep too. :)

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