Saturday, May 8, 2010

The 35 week bump!

Yay to my sweet, sweet, hubby for taking these pictures for me. It was such a beautiful afternoon, and the grass was freshly cut... I just couldn't resist getting outside for some "bump" pictures. Here's one of us just for the record. ;)

Ya think Aubrey will have blue eyes?? LOL

It seems like the ol' bump is getting bigger every single day, so I need to take the opportunity to get some pics while she's still there!! I'll be 35 weeks in a couple of days, so we're down to 5 more weeks and counting!!

Boo the kitty was awfully jealous of all the laying in the grass, especially since I don't do that often. He was intent on participating in whatever it was we were doing... so, just for good measure, we let him get in on the action too. He's such a handsome little guy...

And oh, so photogenic!!


  1. :) Kitty has the bluest of blue eyes also! Love these pix & love the name Aubrey. Congratulations!

    :) Debi

  2. Oh my! All 3 of you have THE bluest eyes ever!!! Aubrey (what a gorgeous name) will definitely have eyes so blue people will need sunglasses just to look at her. Boo is a darling without a doubt!

    5 weeks and counting! How exciting for you! You look beautiful preggers. Just beautiful~