Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Saturday marked exactly one month until my due date! Yay!

Yesterday started the first of my weekly OBGYN appointments to check on little Aubrey's progress until she makes her debut. For now, the trap door is clamped tightly shut, but as each week goes by, doc will be monitoring any progress that may be being made down there. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a timely delivery, if not early. She's getting so big, and subsequently, so is my belly!

For now, it's just a waiting game...

Jerry and I are super excited about Aubrey's arrival, but we're kind of at that point where all we can do now is wait. The nursery is finished, the "stuff" has been bought or collected, and everything is washed, prepped, and ready for her! I don't even think I've been in the nursery for days, if only because I don't want to over-nest... if that's possible.

So here I am, being patient. :)

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